Being an Engaging and Highly Effective Educator

By | January 23, 2020
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Being a role model educator is not impossible for all new teachers. A good educator means that we are ready to face any consequences for the failure that we may do in the future. Also, you must put yourself fully into this field. If an educator is your dream and passion, it will not be difficult or take a long way for you to achieve the title of role model. But, if you did not give your best and do it with your heart, do not ever imaging getting the best result.

Everyone can teach people to do something, sharing knowledge, giving instruction to do this or that. However, not everyone can engage and teach them effectively. They need to practice every day and every time they have a chance to do it. Because, if someone does not have the skill to deliver the message effectively, the students cannot understand well what we have explained.

Moreover, students have different abilities to receive the message from the educators. Some of them are good receivers, but some of them are not. Certain methods of teachings are acceptable and understandable, but others are not. We have to do a simple survey when we teach students for the first time or just find a new place to teach.

How To Be Engaging And Highly Effective educator?

Each educator must have their way to make them more engaging to the students. They also have their tricks to make the teaching and learning process effective. Generally, you must follow some tips below:

  1. High academic skill and ability. The main role of an educator is to educate people with their knowledge that they know from a higher institution. So, it is a must for you to have high skill in academic especially for the course that they mastered. It will avoid misunderstanding when one of the students asks a question in detail.
  2. Practice makes perfect. You can hone your skill by practicing as much as you can. Practice makes you find the best method and way that you should take when facing the same problem in the future.
  3. Ask students to apply in real life. The best thing when we were in primary school, the teacher asked us to apply what we had learned in the real life. The same thing also must be done at the higher level of education. At least, we can also teach them to use the theory in our real life.
  4. Disciplined and responsible. A good educator must be discipline to their students. Once the students make any mistake, we have to remind them and show them what is better. Moreover, educators also must be responsible for what they had taught to the students. This is the reason why the high academic skill is the most important ever

The Common Mistake Mostly Done By Educators

Here are some points of common mistake you must avoid because it can ruin your reputation as engaging and highly effective educators:

  1. Never try to change the latest method of teaching. We should not use the same method of teaching to different levels of education.
  2. Lack of academic skill and knowledge. Your students may mock behind you after the class finish.
  3. Never inspire the students to do something beyond their imagination. They only teach you without asking you the great point.
  4. Lack of humor sense. This kind of educator may seem too boring and the class situation is too tense. This kind of situation will not the teaching and learning process effective but only remain stressful to the students.