Humanity Value: The Gift Of Education In Bali

By | January 3, 2020
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Known as Pulau Dewata or Island of Gods, Bali becomes one of the most visited places in South East Asia. The number of foreigners always reaches its peak especially in the holiday season, especially in December. However, the beauty of this island remains what poverty in some rural area especially area that is quite far from the city or entertainment center. The backside of Bali is rarely seen by foreigners or tourists.

Even though this condition happens not only in Bali but also in other tourist city in around the world, Bali still needs more attention from the central government and other sponsorship, especially for the education sector. The number of illiterate children is still high in a mostly rural area. If this condition is still going, the quality of the next generation of Bali as the center of entertainment in Indonesia and also south-east Asia will be bad.

What Can We Do To Help Bali’s Education?

Currently, there is some education foundation that mostly founded by Foreigners who fell in love with Bali. The foreigner feels so bad when they met illiterate and non-educated children around the street or beach. Finally, they realized that there must be an institution or foundation to help them. The foundation will accept some of your help such as:

  1. Textbook or stationary
  2. Uniform
  3. Sponsorship or Donation
  4. Scholarship
  5. Volunteer teacher or educator
  6. Another School Facilities

If you can donate those things, it will be the best gift for all children who never had any educational learning from school directly. There are some education foundations in Bali that you can find on the internet. They provide so much useful information’s about the activity, progress, event, and also opportunities for the new donation.

How Does The Gift Making Positive Impact On Them?

Every gift you had given for Bali education will mean a lot to them. Even the simple and smallest thing can be useful for the improvement of Bali education. When you do not realize, the gift makes some impact such as:

  • Establishing school in the rural area

Some education foundation that already received enough donations from central government, private business, or sponsorship from foreign education foundation has successfully established school in the rural area. The school is purely built to minimize the number of illiterate children as the next generation of Balinese.

  • Providing English class near entertainment area or city center

Most visitors and travelers in Bali come from different countries around the world. They come with their language. However, mostly they speak English to the resident. So, learning English as the second language is also important for Balinese children. Their English skill ability will be useful for them in the future.

  • Job Training

Job training is one activity provided by the Bali education foundation to help the third-grade students of senior high school to prepare themselves to be ready to work. This training is useful for those who are not able to continue their education at universities.