The Importance of Education for Sustainable Development

By | February 12, 2020
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As the primary need of human beings, education is very important. As we all have agreed, education can make someone better in many things such as skill, knowledge, attitude, communication, and many others. Traditionally, education means the process of learning and receiving information from teachers and educators for certain courses or majors and makes someone smart and able to do something from what they have learned.

However, if we see it deeply, the importance of education is more than that. The function of education spread wider for sustainable development. People must understand that we live not only for today but also for the future. Even though someone will die, they must make something that at least useful for people around them if they cannot make something big that is useful for the world.

What Is Education for Sustainable Development?

The general purpose of education is to obtain or achieving certain knowledge, information, skill as much as possible for sustainable development. Education for sustainable development includes all processes of growing and increasing skill, knowledge, attitude, to support individual and all education parties in conveying what is in their mind, the ideas, innovation, and opinion. Later, those ideas will help them to be ready in facing the real world.

The world keeps changing, so people also must change their way of thinking. Education for sustainable development must be done together by all parties. If it is done individually, it will not work effectively and cannot give a significant effect. To achieve this goal, each individual must have great developing competence that can grow bigger. Those competencies include skill, opportunity, skill, and also nonstop motivation. Motivation is a must to wake people up once they fall so they can try again when they fail. So, never lost your motivation once you fall once.

What Are The Goals Of Education For Sustainable Development?

To maintain people interest and fulfillment, education for sustainable development is important to achieve the below goals:

  1. Becoming an independent country. Since the country has been supported by people with high education and motivation for sustainable development, the country can grow and develop by itself.
  2. Becoming a highly competitive country which can be compared with the other developed country.
  3. Achieving national development for all sectors including ecological, politics, education, and economy.
  4. Preparing the best and suitable government policies is determined by the ability of each individual in facing the real-life challenge.
  5. Overcoming the deteriorating quality of human life. Year by year, the ability of the next generation may fall to a certain level because of low effort for sustainable development.

To achieve those goals, some points must be considered in preparing education for sustainable development such as:

  1. environmentally sound, it should not be harmful or damaging for the environment where people live in
  2. economically viable, since all people need something to maintain their economic condition
  3. socially acceptable, so all people can follow and do it together to achieve the goal and preparing them self to the future