Green School: Empowering Local Scholar Become Global Change Makers


The effect of globalization currently is spreading for all aspects of life including economic, politics, technology, and many more. The effect of globalization does not only beneficial for them but also for the educational sector. Currently, the local scholars is expected to make a mission that can be useful and beneficial for the education sector because they are an agent of change that can make something useful for the world.

However, it is not easy to achieve the mission because there are so many challenges that they must face in the future. For example, the lack of motivation, sponsorship, and also the actual condition of the scholar. Because most of them do not care about the term of change-makers and they tend to do what should they do to achieve the money.

The emergence of Green School in Bali is one of the efforts to empower the scholar to be global change-makers. They provide many activities that can make people realize the effort that can give impact to global but never forget to use the local ability and mind.

What is the Green School?

As the newcomer in Bali, John and Cynthia are curious about how the local children in Bali cannot get an education since they were young. They met children and realized that there are still many unlucky children that cannot get any basic education because of the expensive expense for school and also the availability of public schools in their area.

Finally, they initiate to make an education foundation to help children get a better education. They also provide scholar for those who have good academic scores and skills. In the first year of 2008, they only have a total of 90 students who join the foundation. Up to today, there are more than 400 students who successfully graduate school because of the scholarship that they received.

Green School provides so many programs that can be beneficial for the students and local scholars as the agent of change. The program also varies not only for the students but also for the local people who want to join the program.

What are Green School Programs and Activities?

Currently, the GS foundation has 3 main programs:

  1. Local Scholarship Program

This program helps local students to get a scholarship for access to the international school with the best quality of education. It is also useful because it prepares them to face the real world and be ready as the agent of change.

To join this program, students must meet the requirement provided by them. Generally, the students must have good academic skills, leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and also communication ability.

  1. Kul Kul Connection

This activity focuses on maintaining good relations between Green school and the local community. The program includes a free English course for children. Since the latest curriculum deletes English for the primary school, this program will be useful especially for primary students that do not receive this course at school.

This program also initiates the local community to save the earth by recycling plastic bottles to get opportunities of free English school from Green school foundation. More than 400 students from the local community of Sibang Jaya are excited to join this program.

  1. Youth activism

Same as the name, this activity focuses to empower the youth to open their voice especially for global problems such as global warming, deforestation, pollution, indigenous culture, and many more. The interesting fact is, this program may send the student to the international conference to speak up about what is in their mind, and what solution they offer to minimize the effect of the global problem. In GS, they provides 10 trips per year to 12 nations for 17 conferences.

What Do They Do To Make Global Change Makers?

By the program that Green School offers to students and children, it will make a good result in the future. A program such as an English course and scholarship helps them to get a better education than they have not received before. Moreover, youth activism can be the best way to empower the local scholars and students to deliver the message as change-makers about the opinion that still consider about local wealth.