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A traffic ticket has serious consequences. While it may be inconvenient and costly to hire an attorney to handle a traffic ticket, the long-term effects of the ticket may wind up costing the driver more.

If a driver simply pays the fine, the driver receives points on his or her license. These points can cause insurance premiums to rise. Having too many points on your license can cause a suspension of driving privileges, too.

To avoid these consequences, work with Laurie A. Knight, Attorney at Law, LLC. Chesterfield traffic offense attorney Laurie A. Knight is extremely familiar with Missouri traffic laws and can help protect your rights.

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License Points

The number of points assessed is dependent upon the type of violation and whether the violation is against state law, a county ordinance, or a municipal ordinance. If the driver accumulates eight points or more in an 18-month period, the driver’s license will be suspended for 30 days if it is a first-time suspension, 60 days if it is a second-time suspension, and 90 days if it is a third-time suspension. If a driver accumulates 12 points or more in one year, 18 points or more in two years, or 24 points or more in three years, the driver’s license will be suspended for one year.

Types of Traffic Offenses

Some typical traffic offenses are:

  • Speeding
  • Failure to stop at a stop sign
  • No driver’s license
  • Failure to produce proof of insurance
  • Driving on the shoulder
  • Careless and imprudent driving
  • Failure to keep right
  • Failure to use signal
  • Improper turn
  • Following too close

Traffic offenses range from two to 12 points on the driver’s license.

Some offenses require a court appearance by the driver. An attorney can negotiate with a prosecutor and may ask for a reduction of the offense to a non-point violation. Usually the driver will have to pay a fine and court costs. More serious offenses may require the driver to attend SATOP classes or driving school.

Limited Driving Privilege

If a driver has his or her license suspended and cannot get driving privileges reinstated, the driver may qualify for a Limited Driving Privilege. A Limited Driving Privilege allows a person to drive for employment or other important matters such as court appearances, medical attention, and education. A driver may get such privileges unless he or she has certain convictions or losses of driving privileges on their driver’s record.

You may be denied a Limited Driving Privilege if:

  • You already received one within the last five-year period
  • You were convicted of a felony involving the use of a motor vehicle
  • You received two or more revocations for refusing a drug or alcohol test
  • You have multiple convictions involving alcohol or narcotic drugs

Minor in Possession

A minor in possession charge is when an individual between the ages of 16 and 21 is found to have alcohol on his or her person or is found to be visibly intoxicated. This is a serious charge. A minor who is found guilty of minor in possession will have his or her driver’s license suspended for 30 days if it is a first offense, 90 days if it is a second offense, and revoked for one year if it is a third or any subsequent conviction.

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